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Prodotti Speciali

The Special Products Division was established in early 2000 with the aim of organizing a specific technical and design-oriented activities to provide innovative solutions with respect to the problems of traditional automation.
Over the years the division has developed solutions in different sectors.
painting: Tpa has realized the automation of machines for finishing of shaped panels in wood and its derivatives. The adopted solution has allowed us to optimize the speed of processing and the consumption of the applied materials, ensuring the highest quality finishings.
processing of polystyrene foam: it has been developed the automation of high-precision machines such as milling machines, used to produce excavated pieces, pantographs and cutters, developed for the production of profiles by cutting with hot wires. For the accuracy and precision of the machining, it is fundamental the control of the temperature and the speed of cutting and the handling of wire breakage.
production of electrical windings: Tpa has developed the automation of winding machines with high-speed spindles and winding algorithms able to optimize the arrangement of the coils.


industrial vision systems: an application was made for the identification and mapping of the nodes and the natural imperfections of the wood before of the processing of rough boards, optimizing the working areas. Another application of emphasis was the classification of kitchen top outgoing from the production line, with the aim to recognize (and divide) the material within over 30 different types of lamination.
digital printing on fabrics: it has been paid particular attention to the study and development of all hardware and software required by the machines for textile printing with inkjet technology.
The collaboration that was born for this purpose with the mechanotextile company Fratelli Robustelli srl and with the Japanese Epson, producer of heads, made it possible to achieve excellence in this field over the years by creating and maintaining global leadership.
The division is not limited to the development of special applications but aims to introduce business skills and non-conventional technologies arising from the dialogue with the world of research.

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