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Over the years Tpa has developed a sophisticated multi-tier architecture software for the overall control of his own numerical controls in order to ensure greater flexibility, ease of use and robustness.
The modular structure of the system allows for rapid design, since it can customise, according to its own needs, both the hardware configuration and the interface to the customer. The three major areas of Tpa software are covered in the following levels: firmware level, basic level, application level.
The firmware level, core of the CNC, is responsible for the usage of automation language, it implements the algorithms of the motion axes and manages the hardware resources.
The firmware components were designed to run on hardware platforms and operating systems that are very different from each other.  This guarantees a greater flexibility in the choice of the hardware, enabling the customer to be more adaptable.
The basic level, Albatros, consists of a modular articulated structure, responsible to provide the foundation on which the applications and the customers build the hardware and the software infrastructure to be applied to the machine.
The basic offered services allow the full implementation of the automation systems without any additional software and they enable the customer to control all the aspects of the programming.
The application level is made of products revolving around Albatros, the main communication driver for CNC.  The basic development is designed to ensure high standard levels of client applications to Albatros, and it concerns both the product itself and the communication to other products. Cad, control board, production monitoring products, execution optimisers, 3D simulators and other additional devices use Albatros for the communication to CNC. This type of solution raises quality level and ease of use of  the applications software and at the same time, while ensuring many possibilities of customisation, it allows its standardisation.

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