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The Tpa numeric controls are divided into three macro families:
Soft CNC: interface software, Motion firmware and Plc with Real Time Shell which can be hosted on commercial PC equipped with Microsoft Operating System. This category includes the Tpa products based on Cn2004 or TRS-CAT, devices associated with drives on EtherCat protocol. The Hardware is connected directly to the standard network port of your Pc.
Compact: industrial PCs with Touch-Screen interface equipped with interface software, Motion firmware and Plc. They offer the possibility to manage devices on different fieldbuses: Greenbus, EtherCat, Mechatrolink, Powerlink and Can.
Hard CNC: embedded PCs equipped with motion firmware and Plc connected through an Ethernet network (TCP-IP) to a Supervision Pc hosting the user interface software.
The PLCs by Tpa are based on the same SW - FW - HW infrastructure as the CNCs, but differ from these for their designed use, not having sophisticated path generators.


The Tpa couplers allow to connect the expansion modules to the different fieldbuses implemented. Each device is equipped with 16 24V digital I/O lines (equipped with visible signal with led and protected by short citcuit), which allow to better amortize the cost of the node. This category also includes custom couplers, designed and developed for interfacing specific devices such as solenoid valve blocks to the different fieldbuses.

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The Tpa expansions, connected to the fieldbus coupler through an efficient synchronous serial protocol, allow to configure the fieldbus node according to the local connection requirements of sensors and actuators. The expansions may include digital I/Os (equipped with visible signal with led and protected by short circuit), analog I/Os, counters, etc, etc.
Expansion modules are identical in spite of the different types of communication, the protocol of the different fieldbuses resides in the couplers.


Driver & Motors
TPA offers to its customers a complete solution, integrating and homogenizing drivers and motors of partners consolidated in years of work. The close cooperation with devices manufacturers on EtherCAT and Can fieldbus allowed to Tpa  to certify quality and cost-effective solutions that make the design and development of the system of the customer immediate and competitive.

Industrial PCs
Tpa Industrial PCs are robust; designed, certified and optimized to efficiently carry out the functions of supervision and control of the process. The technical architecture developed by TPA ensures that the PCs are connected both with the infrastructure I / T of the company and with the industrial devices of machine and / or system. All Tpa applications are based on Microsoft operating systems.


Electromechanical Products
Tpa complements its offer with a range of electromechanical products aimed to facilitate small manufacturers in researching and buying products. The migration of electromechanical products towards mechatronics is progressive; Tpa certifies components and protocols enabling its customers to buy certified solutions with the aim of reducing the time to market for innovative projects.

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